Yuneec Breeze Review

yuneec breeze review

Read our Yuneec Breeze Review!

It seems like someone has finally stepped in the ring to challenge the “all-mighty” DJI and their insanely successful line of Phantom drones. Of course as you’ve likely already guessed by the title, that the company in question is Yuneec Electric Aviation, more simply known as just Yuneec. Although Yuneec has long been in the running with their line of Typhoon drones, they could never seem to quite catch up to DJI. Their pricing was always a little too high, their command and control (c&c, radio controller, remote, etc.) was a little too complex, and the overall use of their systems was designed for hobbiest experienced in remote aviation. Yuneec has never fully managed to come out with a drone for the masses so to speak, but that might just all change.

Yuneec has just released the all-new “Breeze” a compact drone that boasts an affordable price tag of only $500.00 USD. This little drone packs an impressive suite of features and capabilities including a camera capable of 4k video and 13mp stills.

On top of impressive optics the Yuneec Breeze also utilizes a GPS and compass to keep itself oriented in all 5 of it’s intelligent flight modes. Even if GPS connection fails or you’re flying indoors, the Breeze is equipped with a visual ground sensor which will help keep position and maintain stable, predictable flight.

The Breeze is extremely easy to fly by design, and the team at Yuneec really set out to design a drone that required no experience to fly. The breeze seems to have achieved that very goal and in our opinion is the easiest drone to fly that is currently on the market also boasting such extensive features and capabilities.  To fly the Yuneec Breeze all you need is an android or iOS mobile device and your good to go. The Breeze unlike every other Yuneec model does not utilize an external remote control. Your phone is responsible for flight control, camera control, and a live 720 HD video feed.

To make flying as easy as possible, once you power up the Yuneec and open the Breeze mobile app, you can select one of five intelligent flight modes: Selfie Mode, Pilot Mode, Orbit Mode, Journey Mode, and follow me mode. All of these modes except for pilot mode fly nearly on their own with very little input from the user. The Breeze is capable of auto takeoff and landing and immediately engages whatever smart mode is currently selected. In selfie mode the Breeze flies in front of the user and hovers in place waiting to capture stunning selfies. In Pilot mode the user has full control and can fly the Breeze with help from the onboard GPS. In orbit mode you simply select a point of interest and the breeze will circle around with incredible accuracy until you cancel the flight. Journey mode will allow you to plan a journey using waypoints and press go to make the breeze fly your pre planned path.  Finally the follow me mode does it exactly what it sounds like it does, the breeze will take off and follow your selected target at a set altitude and distance from the subject.

All of these smart features make this drone not only an incredible technical marvel, but they also make it really easy to fly. Just about anyone can pick one of these up and have it in the air within minutes. Each battery takes about 30-40 minutes to charge from empty to full, and you can expect about 13 minutes of flight time. That said, we recommend stocking up on at least 3 or 4 batteries to keep you in the air.

Yuneec has clearly accomplished their mission with this drone, and we truly expect the Yuneec Breeze to give the DJI Phantom a run for it’s money. Thanks for reading this Yuneec Breeze review, as always and happy flying!


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