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Which Drone Has The Longest Flight Time?


which drone has the longest flight timeWhen it comes to choosing the right drone, you’ll undoubtedly be judging your selection on a variety of criteria. However when it comes to the importance of each criteria, some enthusiasts are divided. What is the most important factor that a pilot should consider when purchasing their next camera drone? Typically this varies depending on your application, but for my consumer grade drones there is one clear factor that should always be weighed above the others. It doesn’t matter how great the camera is, or how fast the blistering top speed is; if your drone cant keep itself in the air for long, the good times will soon be over.  With that said, total flight time has to be one of the most important factors when evaluating your next drone. The longest flight time is the feature that allows all other features to really shine. For example, what good is a 2km radio range, if your battery dies in 5 minutes? What good is a camera that can shoot 4k video if you only have 5 minutes to shoot the video! Its clear that the more flight time you can get, the more fun you can have that’s why its one of the most important features on any drone, and companies like DJI have been striving to push flight times farther and farther with every new model.

So which consumer camera drone delivers the longest flight time? Well it’s not really that simple, because a couple different drones blur the lines between consumer and commercial, but also cheat a little bit when it comes to flight time. What I’m referring to is the DJI Matrice, it has by far the longest flight time of almost any other drone, pushing nearly 40 minutes! However this is more of a commercial unit, very effective for mapping large areas and isn’t exactly beginner friendly. On top of that, technically it’s not 40 minutes of flight time per battery, because the only way the Matrices achieves those 40 minute flight times is by running duel batteries. It uses the exact same batteries as the DJI Inspire but has the option to mount two at the exact same time to double the overall flight time. So if you really just need a drone that stays in the air longer then anything else, the Matrice is your choice.

However, contrary to what the above may suggest, the Matrice is far beyond the price point that most consumer drone pilots are working with. So what about for the average enthusiast looking to get the perfect blend of simplicity, affordability, stunning images, and as long a flight time as possible? Well this brings us to the famous DJI Phantom 4! The DJI Phantom 4 pushed nearly 28 minutes of airtime on one single battery! That make the Phantom 4 the longest flying drone in it’s class by a healthy margin.  On top of that, it boasts some of the most high tech features on the market, which can now thoroughly be enjoyed with nearly a half hour of flight time. So there you have it, if you’re looking for a drone that can provide the maximum amount of fun, for a maximum amount of time, the DJI Phantom 4 is our recommendation! As always, happy flying!

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