Typhoon H vs Phantom 4 | Which one should you buy?

Typhoon H vs Phantom 4

typhoon h vs phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4 Vs. Yuneec Typhoon H

Big things are happening in the drone world right now! Two groundbreaking systems have just recently been announced, and they’re both advertising some pretty exciting features. The Phantom 4 is the flagship of DJI technology, and will likely be the number one selling drone in its class for 2016, just as it was in 2015. But a serious competitor and really the only competition that the Phantom has, is the brand new Typhoon H, produced by long time aircraft manufacturer Yuneec. Surprisingly enough both of these aircraft boast similar features, but they are two completely different aircraft! For the purpose of this review, we are going to compare the four most important criteria: Price point, performance, imaging quality, & special features. Here it is: The Typhoon H vs Phantom 4.

Price Point

To start off this short comparison, we’re going to start with price the price point of both aircraft. Currently the Phantom 4 is set to release at $1499.00 USD complete with 1 battery, 1 remote, and a carrying case made of very high-density foam like material. The Typhoon H on the other hand, will be made available for only about $1299.00 and will include a ground control unit with integrated 7” monitor, 2 batteries, a hard-shell backpack carrying case, and everything else you need to get flying right away! So clearly the Typhoon H is slightly cheaper, and seems to include a more complete package. Keep in mind that unless you already have it, you’re going to have to buy a tablet to use as a monitor for your Phantom, which adds some cost.


Lets start with the Phantom 4. It’s a smaller, lighter, and a more nimble aircraft. It is capable of far greater speeds than the Typhoon H, topping out at about 73km/h in sport mode. However, speed is not the only element of performance. The Typhoon H features six rotors instead of the basic four found on the phantom. This means that the Typhoon H will have more lift capacity, more stability, and most important of all, greater redundancy. The Typhoon H can still fly even if two of the six motors are lost, but in contrast, if even a single phantom motor fails, the drone will fall from the sky. Battery life is also an important consideration here, the Phantom is capable of nearly 28 minutes of flight, compared to the Typhoon’s 22 minutes. That is thanks to the new larger battery designed for the newest addition to the Phantom lineup.

Imaging quality

Both drones are capable of shooting outstanding 4k video, in addition to capturing beautiful 12mp still photos, so they are pretty evenly matched here. However one benefit for the Typhoon H is its ability to retract its landing gear, and rotate the camera 360 degrees. This is a very useful feature, and is not possible with the Phantom 4.

Special features

Both of these drones have ground breaking sense and avoid capability, allowing them to sense oncoming obstacles. In the case of the Phantom 4, it is simply able to recognize an object directly in front of itself and stop in its place. The Typhoon however utilizes the new Intel sense system to sense obstacles in front, to the sides, and behind itself. It not only stops to avoid the collision, but it is also capable of altering its flight path automatically to avoid the obstacle while continuing to fly. If this works in the final launched products, just as well as it did during the demonstration, the Typhoon H may actually have a chance of stealing some market share from DJI this year. Both drones also feature a variety of intelligent flight modes that are pretty well the same for both aircraft, if you want to learn more about these modes you can visit them online.


Both drones are outstanding pieces of technology, and are set to ship pre-orders by April 1st 2016. It’s no doubt going to be an exciting year for the drone industry, however with its large and loyal fan base, DJI is likely to come out on top! But who knows, maybe 2016 will be Yuneec’s claim to fame! Only time will tell! Happy Flying Everyone!

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