Phantom 3 Wind Speed | How much wind can the Phantom 3 Handle?

Phantom 3 Wind Speed

phantom 3 wind speed

Weighing only 1280g, and with a footprint of only 590mm diagonally, propeller to propeller. The Phantom 3 is a pretty compact machine. It’s also jam packed with tons of great features designed to keep it flying steady and true no matter what the wind speed. But can high-tech hardware and software really compensate for it’s small size? Lets dive into the Phantom 3 wind speed test.

DJI has done a fantastic job at building a very stable machine that can handle some serious whether. I’ve personally flown the Phantom 3 in wind speeds up to 21 mph, which is far greater than recommended by DJI, but the Phantom was still able to hold steady. This is thanks to the outstanding GPS unit and flight controller. Simply put, no matter what the wind speed, the Phantom will sense the movement and correct accordingly to keep itself in the same relative location. Of course this doesn’t mean the Phantom is free from any wind related grief. Most Phantom 3 pilots shouldn’t fly in high winds, as the drone has to do some serious compensating for wind speeds any greater than 9 mph, which can be a problem. Firstly because the battery life will be reduced significantly and if you’re not prepared this could be quite the surprise. In addition, if the Phantom 3 finds itself in wind speeds beyond its own top speed, there is no way to compensate for this and the drone won’t be able to be flown back. Lastly, if you’re an inexperienced pilot and you loose GPS lock while in high winds; the Phantom 3 will switch to ATTI mode and simply be at the mercy of the wind. If you don’t have much experience in ATTI mode, this will likely lead to a crash and is not a good situation to be in.

Bottom line is that the Phantom 3 can handle itself even in high wind speeds, but it still has limitations. Always fly within reason, and if wind speeds pick up don’t fly unless you absolutely have to. Better to reschedule a flight than loose a drone.

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