GoPro Karma Drone Review

gopro karma review

GoPro Karma Review

GoPro has officially joined the race! The drone race that is, with their exciting new drone launching October 23rd called the GoPro Karma. As I review this drone I have to admit it’s really quite exciting. The Karma has so many great features and looks like nothing else on the market. So without further delay let’s get on with the pre-release GoPro Karma review.

The first thing that really stands out about the GoPro Karma is the design of the frame. GoPro designed the Karma to be extremely compact and portable, much like their cameras. As such they’ve implemented a few innovative features. Firstly, all of the motor arms fold back into the drone, and the landing gear folds up. Once folded the drone becomes compact enough to drop in a backpack or luggage with ease. This is a huge improvement from the design of other manufactures such as DJI, who’s drones are to large to carry in anything other than the included carrying case.

As for the camera, it goes without saying that the GoPro Karma features a GoPro camera. The new GoPro Hero 5 to be exact, but it will also carry a GoPro 4 without a problem. That means if you already have a GoPro you can save a few hundred bucks when you pick up your new Karma. GoPro has also decided to do things a little differently in regards to how they mounted the GoPro on the Karma. Unlike 90% of camera drones that hang the camera below the center of the aircraft i.e the DJI Phantom, Yuneec Q500 etc. They decided to mount the GoPro on the front of the aircraft instead. They did this for a few reasons, firstly they claim it prevents the propellers from getting in the frame during video recording. The other reason is portability, because the camera is mounted on the front, it allows the landing gear to be much shorter than it otherwise would be, which allows it to be folded up under the drone for transportation.

One of the coolest features of the GoPro Karma is the ability to remove the camera and gimbal form the aircraft and attach it to a grip handle controller, exactly like the DJI Osmo. This turns the GoPro camera into a mini handheld steady cam, and best of all, the handle is included with the drone!

The GoPro Karma is controlled by a 2.4ghz control unit with an integrated display screen. No longer do you have to fumble around with your smart phone or tablet. The controls are easy to use and include the ability to auto takeoff and land. In addition, the flip out screen displays live video in beautiful 720p. In the air the GoPro Karma get about 20 minutes of flight time and uses GPS to maintain stable flight even in windy conditions. Its four powerful motors will take the Karma up to about 35 mph which makes it a fast and agile performer able to keep up with even the most extreme athletes.

Overall it’s an incredible drone, it really deserves more credit than other reviewers are giving it. This is a totally unique design and it’s leading the push to making drones more portable and accessible than ever. Soon a drone will become a common must have tool similar to regular cameras and other personal devices, and GoPro might just be leading the push forward.

Thanks for reading this GoPro Karma review and happy flying!

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