Dobby Drone Review

If you’re looking to buy a Dobby, this review should help you decide if it’s the right pocket drone for you. 

Zerotech Dobby Pocket Selfie Drone Reviewdobbydrone

If your arm is starting to get a little sore from taking selfies by hand then you may want to take a gander at the Zerotech Dobby Pocket Selfie Drone. This tiny little quadcopter is fun, easy and is packed with some cool features relating to photo and video selfie taking.  Read through our review below for some insight into this cool little gadget.

Bite Sized

Placed on top of a desk near a computer, you may mistake the Zerotech Dobby for a computer mouse or smartphone. With dimensions of 135 x 65 x 34 mm and a weight of 199g the Dobby is slightly smaller and heavier than an iPhone when folded. The propellers and arms unfold themselves by at the push of a button and retain a sturdy, compact feel. It truly is the definition of a ‘pocket drone’, comfortably sliding into a back pocket or handbag like a wallet.  The Zerotech Dobby is small, sleek and made with considerable build quality.



Controlled by either an android or iOS powered smartphone, the Zerotech Dobby requires a downloadable app to control paired with the Wi-Fi from the Dobby drone itself.  The sliding-screen and gravity sense control makes for a simple, easy-to-learn and use piloting. The Dobby can take off and land in the palm of your hand, ideal for taking those quick selfies. With no obstructions, the Zerotech Dobby has a 100 meter control distance and a 3 meter maximum height using optical flow, which is all you really need out of a pocket drone. Furthermore, the Dobby is claimed to be able to withstand winds of up to 17 mph, but don’t expect the most stable of selfies at those speeds.

Waypoint mode allows you to manually set locations for your Dobby to move to and features gesture control to move your drone with the wave of a hand.  Another cool little feature is that the drone can flip upside down by a tap of the finger.


This selfie drone contains a 13MP camera that is photo and video capable. Zerotech claims their drone shoots 4k video, but that has been met with skepticism.  The video quality could pass for 1080P, but features a nice auto tracking feature for video that allows the Dobby to move along with you while shooting. Photos and videos are stabilized by electronic stability, but can be shaky when moving too fast or outside.  In true selfie fashion, the Dobby has a beauty face mode as well as facial recognition sensors and can take timed shots to give you time to get situated. dobby drone review

Battery and Memory

The Dobby contains a small, 970 mAh battery which nice and light but not very powerful.  Perhaps the biggest downfall of the Dobby, and it’s a problem with all pocket-sized drones, is its short flight time of only 9 minutes. The Dobby will carefully land itself when 10% battery is reached and can take over an hour to fully charge.

With 16 GB of memory on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the Dobby has some powerful processing power to optimize your selfies to the fullest and to utilize GPS outdoors.


  • Small, compact, and very portable and fun!
  • Good photo and video quality (although not 4K)
  • Relatively cheap
  • Easy to learn and fly
  • Durable/Good build quality


  • Short flight time/battery life
  • No gimbal (camera angle cannot be adjusted in flight, but by hand)
  • Long charging time
  • Not the best stabilization

The Verdict:

The Zerotech Dobby Pocket Selfie Drone is a fun and practical drone. For the price and size, you get a quality drone that performs as advertised.  Windy conditions may create some shakiness and the short battery life may get on your nerves, but you won’t be able to find a selfie drone that fixes those problems on the market currently. With its ease of use and impressive photo and video features the Zerotech Dobby is more than just a glorified selfie stick and we would definitely recommend it to the avid selfie snapper.


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