DJI Mavic vs Phantom 4

dji mavic vs phantom 4

Which one is better?

DJI Mavic vs Phantom 4


This year has been a great year for DJI, the Phantom 4, Inspire Pro, and of course the brand new Mavic were all released in 2016. The DJI Mavic if you don’t already know, is a super portable, extremely intelligent, high performance foldable drone. That sounds pretty great right? Everyone seems to think so, and it’s got the drone community asking; what now? The Phantom 4 was just released a few months back, is it already obsolete? We’re going to get to the bottom of this by carefully analyzing a few key areas of both drones, and see if we can figure out if one of the two is superior to the other, or if they’re really just in two different drones all together.


You could argue that the camera and the gimbal, are two of the most important components of any drone. With that said, this is where we are going to start. The DJI Phantom 4 features a 12.4 MP camera, with a 20mm lens boasting a 90 degree FOV(Field of view). Though the DJI Mavic boasts nearly the exact same number of MP (12.35) it uses a completely different lens. The Mavic utilizes a 28mm lens achieving an FOV of exactly 78.8 degrees, which is a much narrower view than that of the Phantom 4. In camera quality, the Phantom 4 takes the win.


You’ve likely already guessed the winner here, but let me just make one point. Portability is one of the most important factors to consider if you’re a manufacturer looking to get your drone into mass market consumer hands. The brand that masters portability and usability, will likely own the drone market for decades to come. Anyhow, the Phantom 4 is moderately portable, and with a Nanuk or pelican case you can carry everything quite neatly even with the propellers on. But lugging around a 25 pound 4’  x 2’ box, is not exactly my definition of portable. The Mavis on the other hand… can easily be stuffed into a DSLR type bag, and carried over shoulder without a problem. You could even stuff it in a backpack, a purse, or regular duffel bag. Not that I recommend those carrying methods, but it would definitely fit. That’s what I call portability.

Flight Performance

Of course flight performance is a huge part of a drone’s overall capability. How responsive are the controls, how does the drone handle wind, what is the max flight time, etc. Most would expect the DJI Phantom 4 to perform better here as it’s a larger drone overall. But that assumption would be incorrect, the DJI Mavic actually performs incredible well in nearly every performance category. The Mavic holds itself much better in the wind, the controls feel more responsive, and although the Phantom 4 hovers quite accurately, in even a little bit of wind it tends to drift, the Mavic however stays rock solid. In terms of flight time, both the Mavic and Phantom 4 make claims of about 27 minutes, however in real life scenarios you can expect about 24 minutes flying the battery down to about 10%. Mavic’s controller also feels lighter, and is far more comfortable to hold then that of the Phantom 4. Overall the Mavic provides a better experience.

So which drone comes out on top?

I think it’s clear that the DJI Mavic is far more innovative, it achieves unparalleled portability without sacrificing an ounce of performance, in my mind this makes it a winner. The DJI Mavic is incredible, and it will likely usher in an entirely new era of accessible drones. It’s the first step in the plan to bring drones to the consumer mass market, expect a lot more in this direction from DJI and other drone manufacturers. We hope you found this DJI Mavic vs Phantom 4 article helpful. As always, thank you for reading and happy flying!


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