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Best Beginners Drones

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So you want to buy a drone?

As drones increasingly grow in popularity, they have been unavoidably gaining a significant amount of media attention. This increase in visibility has attracted literally millions of new drone pilots in the last year alone, but there is one common difficulty. Although these pilots are enthusiastic, they have no idea where to start. Drones range from 20-dollar toys to 100,000-dollar commercial units, so where exactly should you start? The most popular model on the market is by far the DJI series know as The Phantom. With nearly one million units sold since the Phantom 1 release, it’s safe to say that these are definitely the most mainstream solution. However, just because the Phantom is the most popular solution, this does not necessarily make it the best of the beginner drones.

The problem

As mentioned above, many new pilots think that a high-end camera drone with a full suite of premium features is the best way to start out. The reason for this false belief is intentional deceit by manufacturers like DJI. Every new model they release seems to include more features that essentially work towards making the drone fly it self. Consider a new Phantom 4 for example, with outstanding GPS + GLONASS positioning, optical flow sensors, and forward facing avoidance sensors, the thing literally flies itself. Not to mention the new tap to fly feature, which makes it so that you just need to tap the screen in the direction you’d like to move the drone! Even if your Phantom flies out of range and you cant seem to get it back, Just hit the return to home button and it will fly itself safely back to its take off point. So you might be thinking to yourself that this sounds like a really great place to start, it seems so safe and easy. Well you’d be wrong in thinking that, but it’s not your fault, it’s exactly what companies like DJI want you to think! The truth is actually that a unit like the one described above is probably the absolute worst purchase you could make for your first drone. This is for one simple reason, you will never actually learn how to fly, you will simply learn how to tell a nearly autonomous vehicle in which direction to move.  So if you ever lose your GPS signal, you might as well kiss your new Phantom goodbye, because it will lose all smart features including position hold, and you will have to resort to manual flight. But since you’ve never actually flown manually before, more often than not this attempt will end up with a lost drone. Trust me, I’ve seen this happen so many times I’ve lost count. Learn to fly before you get behind the controls of a $1500 camera drone!

The Solution

The solution is very simple, and also very cost effective. The best option when looking for beginner drones is actually to purchase a small and cheap toy
drone. That’s right, you’re far better off spending about 50 dollars, and purchasing a well know and well built toy drone such as the Dromida Ominus, and spending 2-3 months actually learning how to fly. Once you’re comfortable flying a small toy drone like the one mentioned above, believe it or not, you will have all the skills required to fly almost any size or class of drone. The toy drones are much better as training devices because they don’t have any complicated GPS or other visual positioning systems. That means that to fly a toy drone, your 100% in full control of the aircraft. In addition to that they are relatively cheap and extremely durable, so crashing is not a big deal at all. I’ve personally flown and crashed the Domida Ominus hundreds of times, and it literally is almost impossible to break other than the occasional propeller, which is easily replaced, making it one of the best beginner drones.


So there you have it, if your looking to buy your first drone, the best possible option is to go out and buy yourself a well known toy drone from a reputable brand. To be specific, we highly recommend you try the Dromida Ominus, as it is quite honestly the most durable drone that we’ve ever tested, and it’s available at a very reasonable price point. Hope you all enjoyed the guide, happy flying!


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